Guest Post from the Graduate Recruitment Bureau: 3 Smart Tricks for a Successful Job Interview

Graduate-Recruitment-BureauYour application has been accepted and you’ve landed yourself the job interview, fantastic! But here comes the tricky part, it’s now time to nail the interview. This is your time to shine and show how much of a capable candidate you are, so take these 3 smart tricks on board for the interview process and show that employer what you’re made of!


The first impression you make is how you will be remembered. From the moment you enter the interview room, you will be noted on how you introduce yourself as this will show what kind of person you are. Interviewers like to see confidence and charm, so walk into the room with a determined step and a smile on your face, shake their hand firmly and look them in the eye whilst doing this. Show them you are a confident and professional candidate.


Ensure to answer all of the questions that show you in a positive light and remain optimistic throughout. When the interviewer asks questions like “Give me an example of a time where you struggled when working in a team and what obstacles did you face?” always provide an example, but ensure to turn the negative into a positive by explaining how you overcame these obstacles and what YOU did to make that turn around. Consistently show how your skills would be of benefit to the company and why you are the most suitable candidate for the job. Also, always remember to never talk badly about previous employers or colleagues.


Once the interview has finished, show your appreciation for the employer taking the time to interview to you and always say thank you. Ask intelligent questions about the company such as what their latest achievements have been or what their upcoming targets are, as this will show you have genuine interest in the company and will give the interviewer the impression you are keen to work for them. Once you get home, send them an email to say thank you again with a few lines to show why you should be chosen and reiterate the important skills you have and why they would benefit the company. Don’t let them forget you!

Written by Yasmin Codron, Online Researcher and Marketing Assistant for Graduate Recruitment Bureau. Her work involves writing insightful advice based pieces of content aimed at graduates and students.

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