The fight for feedback: Why it pays to ask

ImageAs a jobseeker how many rejections have you had? And out of those rejections how many times have you been given even a hint of something resembling useful feedback that helped you make sure you didn’t make the same mistakes again?

In an ideal world thoughtful feedback would be given to all applicants at every stage of the hiring process – but, considering the high number of applicants to most positions, plus the fact that many employers struggle to let candidates know that they’ve been unsuccessful or even acknowledge that their application has been received – that seems infeasible.

So we’re just talking about feedback after a failed interview. You’ve met the interviewer, talked to them for around an hour, and spent a lot of money and effort on this interview -you just want to know, honestly, why you were unsuccessful?

More emphasis must be put on the provision of usable, constructive feedback after a failed interview, not just for the benefit of the candidates but for everyone.

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