Guest Post by Bubble Jobs: How to get into eCommerce

BubblejobsSo you’ve left university and you’re not sure what road to go down? Well, eCommerce could be for you!

eCommerce is huge right now, with more businesses than ever turning to online selling and buying to increase their customer reach.

In a nutshell, eCommerce is the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems – mainly the internet. So quite a bit of a big deal!

It covers digital sales, merchandising, online retail…well pretty much anything to do with buying and selling stuff online. So with the addition of the likes of mCommerce and social commerce, the sector is growing and growing as each day goes on.

eCommerce is split down the middle into two main channel systems: Pure-Click and Brick and Click. Pure Click refers to companies who only operate online, so they must focus on things like SEO and online marketing to increase their identity and get their name out there.

Brick and Click systems have an offline business and have added a website to gain more business via eCommerce, giving them more channels to make money.

Now eCommerce must seem like an attractive sector to become involved in due to its ever-expanding size and vast opportunities – but where do you start?

Where to Start?

Well that’s a tough one, as it’s such a huge sector and can relate to any job involved in making money and buying or selling products online, so you could go down the avenues of sales, media, planning, buying, merchandising…the list goes on.

The roles are vast and, with the introduction of smartphones and tablets, new jobs are being created all the time in things like multi-channel and omni-channel merchandising. So this means eCommerce is here to stay, so here’s where you come in to snap up one of these jobs!

Depending on what you want to do within the huge sector of eCommerce will determine what you need to succeed – there isn’t one formula to fit everyone.

If it’s an eCommerce manager job you’re after, you’ll have to know your stuff about multi-channel retailing, as well as having a strong background in B2C or B2B retail and be up to scratch with things like content management systems, web development, online trading platforms and analytics platforms. Also, good project management skills and commercial awareness will stand you in good stead for this type of position.

Prefer a role in digital sales? You’ll need to be a charmer! Amazing communication skills and lots of experience in convincing people to hand over their money is vital.

Regardless of what job you want in eCommerce, experience in an online retail environment (preferably FMCG) is really important, as well as an energetic and positive attitude as there’s an awful lot of competition!
Check out our video on how to get an eCommerce job for a short round up of everything in this article:

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