Is it really the be all and end all if you don’t secure a 2.1?

Written by: Molly Smith, Marketing & Recruitment Assistant, FDM Group.

Graduation season is upon us, a rite of passage for every student transitioning into the world of employment. It is a time of joy and celebration amongst recent graduates where the long-standing tradition of tossing a cap into the air helps students to wave goodbye to years of education. A day to celebrate your achievements from university life, but what happens if that 2.1 or first class degree you were banking on, actually turns out to be a 2.2 or a third?

It is no secret that the so-called importance of achieving that 2.1 or higher has been drilled into the minds of students everywhere and when it comes to gaining a place on graduate training schemes that they can expect to be overlooked with anything less. This mindset has led to added pressure and worry for these groups of students who do achieve less than expected.

But it really is not the end of the world if, when you hear your name on graduation, it is followed by the words is graduating with a second class honours degree. The rumours of the importance of these degree classifications are actually not true within many industry sectors. The growth of big name companies taking on graduates of all degree levels is rising. If you take a look at the IT sector for instance, there are numerous well known brands that are taking on graduates with a 2.2 degree. This could boil down to the fact that this industry is full of success stories about people who’t even graduate from their universities. The founders of big name companies within the industry such as Facebook, Microsoft and Apple Inc all finished university without graduating, and we all know their success stories.

So if you’re looking to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerburg, and become a success in the technology industry. Then take a look at the companies in the sector who are offering graduates a chance to start their careers in this exciting industry.

With the likes of Ocado and Fidessa considering 2.2 applicants if they have an A in A-level maths, along with the BT graduate technology scheme accepting a 2.2 if the applicant scored 320 or more UCAS points. It gives students graduating with a 2.2 hope that they can progress into a career in IT. 

With the finance sector of IT usually being only accessible with a degree classification of a 2.1 or above, it is promising that there are companies out there that can enable graduates to gain access into the investment banking area of IT through graduate employment schemes. IT services provider, FDM Group, is the UK’s largest IT graduate employer. FDM is committed to offering graduates the chance to kick-start their career in IT and is not degree snobby. FDM offers graduates a place on its award-winning Graduate Programme, providing them with the training to become professional IT Consultants and placing them on site with a number of blue-chip clients.

To all those graduating with less than a 2.1 this year, don’t let the rumours put you off applying for graduate schemes whether it be in the IT sector or another industry. There are many opportunities out there for you, regardless of your degree classification. 

One thought on “Is it really the be all and end all if you don’t secure a 2.1?

  1. NHS and Network Rail are also very good graduate schemes that accept 2.2s

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