Networking and why it’s important

Network conceptSome top networking tip from our new graduate blogger Rohini Makwana

The value of networking cannot be underestimated as these days a lot of employment often comes down to who you know and not what you know. Therefore Networking can mean the difference between you getting that job or being recommended and not. Networking can be anything from giving somebody a business card to chatting to them on the phone or in person and it can be done anywhere.

Why it helps.

The interaction can be used as a way to ‘sell yourself’ and meet people in your sector therefore it becomes an extra way people can remember you when they are recruiting. The interaction can make employers think of you when it comes to recruiting which could save them time; something many employers often don’t have much of. Sending your CV and covering letter is great but people are more likely to trust somebody who they know. Networking can create opportunities that you may not have realised. You could also find your confidence going up from networking and gain insight into new things.The more people you know, the more opportunities you’ll discover and people are more likely to want to work with people they like and keep positive relationships.

The best and most common way to network is through networking events. Networking can be a bit scary for some people but sometimes the best way to get over your fear or discomfort is to face them. Don’t let the idea or environment put you off because something positive could come out of it. If you’re at a networking event just remember that everyone is in the same position.

Here are a few top tips to remember:

·         Go to events and conferences in your sector.

·         Make the most out of online networking tools like LinkedIn, Twitter and job hunting websites.

·         Don’t judge a book by its cover. Sometimes the person you are least likely to network with can be the one to help you the most (and vice versa.)

·         More contacts equal more opportunities.

·         Face-to-face contact can be very effective.

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