Better Interview Preparation: Checklist

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Preparing for the questions:

I’ve researched the most common interview questions, including competency based  questions.

I’ve made a list of questions that will almost definitely come up in some form.

I’ve thought about how to answer those questions.

I’ve thought about my likely areas of weakness e.g lack of experience.

And how I’ll demonstrate that despite this weakness I am still the right person for the job.


I’ve done in-depth research on the firm.

I understand who their main competitors are.

I have good information on all the firm’s products and services.

I understand the company ethos.

I know when the firm was founded and have good historical information.

I’ve researched recent news articles and press releases about the firm.

I understand the role and what the firm is looking for from this role.

I have researched the industry in which the firm operates.

I understand who the major players in the industry are.

I have knowledge of the major factors and issues effecting the industry, including any legislation as well problems resulting from the current economic climate.

I’ve compiled a list of questions that I feel comfortable asking and which show my interest in the role.


I’ve practiced answering questions.

I’ve done this in front of a mirror or with friends/family to see how I come across.

I’ve tried on my interview outfit and can see no likely wardrobe malfunctions.

I’ve practiced asking my prepared questions.

Just before the interview:

I know exactly where the interview is and how long it will take me to get there.

I have double checked all correspondence about the interview and know exactly what is expected of me.

I’ve read through my CV and any cover letters and application forms I filled out in the application process.

I have a copy of my CV to take with me.

I have a pen and notebook to take with me.

My questions to ask at the end are written in my notebook.

I believe that I am the right person for this role!

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