How to stay motivated when applying for jobs

Author: Olivia Lazenby, creative director for

JMlogoWhen you’re looking for a job the process can become repetitive and disheartening. Sending out resumes and applications is dull work, and it’s hard to stay motivated and enthusiastic when you hear nothing back from prospective employers day after day. But your applications could suffer if you aren’t in the right mind set to put in the best effort. Here are some ideas to keep your motivation up, and increase the likelihood of being successful in your job hunt. 

Volunteer Work

Volunteer work is great because not only does it get you out of the house for a few hours, but it looks great on your CV and you’ll be helping people in the process. You could help out at a local charity shop, offer to read to children at the local library or even walk dogs from an animal shelter. If you choose something personal that matters to you it will be all the more meaningful and will no doubt lift your mood. There could be opportunities to volunteer in sectors that are relevant to your career which would add even more to your resume and could potentially lead to paid work if you take the opportunity to make a great impression and network.

Part Time or Temporary Work

Most people are looking for full time and permanent work, so often part time jobs are more easily available. You could use your free time to do an internship which will give you a better idea of the job you’re looking for. Working part time gives you time to apply for full time roles, and provides a small income as well. Even if the part time work isn’t relevant to the career you’re pursuing, the skills gained will make you all the more employable, and working part time shows that you are driven and motivated, as well as displaying your ability to multi task.

Build up your Health and Fitness

If you have a lot of free time on your hands take advantage and use the time to improve your health and fitness. You could start jogging, and work towards a goal like running 10k for charity. Things like this look great on your CV and employers will have something to talk to you about other than past jobs. There are lots of gym classes and sports clubs you could join, where you will meet new people and make friends. The more people you know the more likely you are to find someone who could help you land a great job. On top of all this, exercise releases endorphins, a sure-fire way to cheer yourself up!

Don’t Take Rejection Personally

Rejection is tough. It’s hard not to take it to heart if you receive several rejections from applications. Try not to take it personally, after all, employers often receive hundreds of applications for a single position, and it is quite unlikely that you will be successful in your first attempt. If you do receive a rejection, ask for feedback. This could help in your future applications as you might be missing something vital from your CV. It could be something simple that is easy to change, but could boost the likelihood of you finding a job.

Allow yourself a break 

It can be hard to justify taking some time off from applying for jobs, but if you never do anything else you are bound to become depressed and disheartened. Giving yourself some free time now and again to socialise or relax will keep your motivation up. You still deserve some me time, don’t bully yourself!

Olivia Lazenby is the creative director for Since graduating from Leeds University in 2011 she has lived in France and Australia, but nothing compares to her home town, Manchester. She regularly writes blogs for the website, with tips and advice for job hunters.

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