“You can do it if you…”: What makes a good applicant for B&Q’s Retail Management Graduate Scheme?

BnQWe know that applying for a graduate scheme probably brings with it feelings of excitement and promise as well some apprehension about how to stand out from the crowd and display all your potential. For graduates, B&Q stores provide some of the best opportunities in retail, where you can work towards running a store with a £40million turnover, lead the market in sustainability in our eco-flagship store and drive the business forward to stay ahead of the competition. Throw in a £25k starting salary and the opportunity to work and travel across the country and your career is off to a flying start. If this sounds like the perfect job for you, then how can you make sure you stand out from the crowd and show us that you can do it? 

Before starting the application process, there is plenty of preparation you can do to ensure we’ll be desperate to meet you. We know you’ll want to spend time researching B&Q’s values, culture and vision to make sure that it’s somewhere you think you’ll be happy. While the B&Q website is a great place to start your research, try to think of ways to broaden your knowledge so that the answers you provide feel really genuine and you can tell us what it is about our business that appeals to you personally. Use the information you find to articulate your passion for the company as a long-term prospect and your excitement to be a potential contributor to our future successes. You should also make sure you are really clear about our graduate scheme and what it entails, so that you can identify how it will help you reach your personal goals and that you are prepared for what is expected from you in return.

Your application creates the first impression that we will have of you. Take your time and really think about why you are being asked the questions and what opportunities they are giving you to showcase your skills. Give strong examples of situations that demonstrate your abilities and provide evidence; don’t just tell us that you have great teamwork skills, we’d rather read a story about a situation that shows this. You don’t need to be the next J.K. Rowling but remember to include all the details of what you did and how you went about it. Make sure you include everything that is relevant and give detailed and honest answers. You should show your potential as a future leader but don’t worry, we don’t expect you to have management experience yet. You might just need to think about how else you’ve shown great leadership in other areas of your life. This could also be an opportunity to demonstrate some relevant industry knowledge and the ability to think commercially.

Lastly – always remember to proof read! Don’t be let down by relying on the spell-checker as you might undermine the message you are trying to convey by telling us that you have ‘grate attention to detail’!

Most importantly, we want you to be honest and show your personality, individuality and attitude to life. Be yourself as much as possible throughout the process so that you can fully explore whether the expectations of the role match your natural ability, potential and career aspirations and therefore whether B&Q is the right company for you. Remember, recruitment is a two-way street – it’s not just about whether we like you but also about whether you like us too! Your application is the first step to helping us get to know who you are. Use it and own it so that we can see all your potential and passion to build a career at B&Q!

The B&Q Retail Management Graduate Programme is open now and you can apply here.

One thought on ““You can do it if you…”: What makes a good applicant for B&Q’s Retail Management Graduate Scheme?

  1. Great tips. The best one is to be yourself and don’t pretend to be anybody else.

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