We’re Making it Happen!


The idea platform designed by graduates for students, graduates and creatives is HERE and it’s COMPLETELY FREE TO JOIN!

Are you full of ideas? In an IdeaSquare, you can tell the world how developed your idea is and EXACTLY what is needed to keep it growing.

People and companies can view your IdeaSquares, rate them and respond to your needs. This allows you to see how much interest your idea is receiving and who wants to work with you to progress it! We take your intellectual property seriously which is why you can only publish a brief description of your Idea in an IdeaSquare.

Following on from our recent successful IndieGoGo campaign we have been able to design a brand new platform for your ideas to gain exposure. Using the funds raised, we’ve re-vamped and re-branded our approach to provide the ultimate service for you.

Now it’s down to you to ‘make it happen’. Claim your very own IdeaSquare now to see what the world thinks of your idea. Simply visit IdeaSquares.com to register and create your square!


Make It Happen

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