Become a Graduate Rescue Rep

Want to earn money with Graduate Rescue?

All you need is a Paypal account!

Step 1: Get your code

Once you’ve signed up to be a Graduate Rescue Representative we’ll issue you with a code unique to you. This code allows you to give a discount on Graduate Rescue membership and tags each sale as yours.

Step 2: Promote

You can give this code out wherever and however you want*, online, in the street or just to your friends.

*For obvious reasons there are some things we don’t want to be associated with! Please see the terms and conditions of Graduate Rescue Representation to find out where we don’t want you to promote us.

Step 3: Profit

Because you’re effectively doing our marketing for us you get £5 per sale you make. Whenever anyone uses your code we know that sale is down to you, so we credit your account with £5 and transfer the balance to your Paypal account every 2 weeks.

Interested? Fill in this contact form and we’ll be in touch!

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