We Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

xmaspuppyJust a quick post to wish you all a great time over the holidays! A big thank you to all our readers, users and supporters for being with us in our very first year, it’s been an exciting start and we’re looking forward to everything 2014 will bring!

A quick note to job seekers

Give yourself a break for a week! Take a holiday from job seeking and enjoy the festivities. You’ll feel much better for it and you can start 2014 a fresh – 2014 will be your year! The economy’s getting back on track, vacancies are up, 80% of companies expect more graduates jobs & apprenticeships – 2014 will be your year!

A big Happy Christmas and New Year,

Lots of love,

The GR team

P.S. If all those annoying relatives asking you why you’ve not found a job yet gets too much, tell them you’ve landed this great freelance position with the youth employment social enterprise Graduate Rescue. I’ll back you up.

Top Tips for Job Application Forms

Application formOur top tips for those tricky application forms!

Never leave a question blank. Leaving questions blank or writing NA is cited as one of the biggest mistakes a candidate can make in an application form. So unless it is explicitly stated e.g. answer question 1 OR 2 then always answer the question. This includes any questions that might seem optional. This can be tricky with competency based questions, if you really can’t think of an example that fits you need to employ some problem solving skills and adapt a situation to show its relevance! Continue reading

Applying to graduate programmes: hints and tips from a current grad

Centrica_GraduatesIt’s been over a year since I joined the Marketing graduate programme at Centrica and I’m still surprised by how fast time has flown by. It’s amazing how much you can learn in the short span of a year! I’m currently in my second rotation where I’m working within Brand on an educational programme for children run by British Gas. It’s an extremely exciting role with varied projects and responsibilities – all offering the opportunity to strengthen my marketing skill set and broaden my network.  Continue reading

We’re Making it Happen!


The idea platform designed by graduates for students, graduates and creatives is HERE and it’s COMPLETELY FREE TO JOIN!

Are you full of ideas? In an IdeaSquare, you can tell the world how developed your idea is and EXACTLY what is needed to keep it growing.

People and companies can view your IdeaSquares, rate them and respond to your needs. This allows you to see how much interest your idea is receiving and who wants to work with you to progress it! We take your intellectual property seriously which is why you can only publish a brief description of your Idea in an IdeaSquare.

Following on from our recent successful IndieGoGo campaign we have been able to design a brand new platform for your ideas to gain exposure. Using the funds raised, we’ve re-vamped and re-branded our approach to provide the ultimate service for you.

Now it’s down to you to ‘make it happen’. Claim your very own IdeaSquare now to see what the world thinks of your idea. Simply visit IdeaSquares.com to register and create your square!


Make It Happen

Interview tips for the nervous candidate

keepcalmJob interviews are difficult and stress inducing for the best of us, but it can be particularly nerve racking for those with a very shy or nervous demeanour. When we think about job interviews, it’s easy to get flustered and sweaty palmed while proceeding to pull our hair from its roots. It can be a great comfort to look at your interview as more of an informal meeting with your potential employer, rather than a brutal interrogation of your very being. Continue reading

“You can do it if you…”: What makes a good applicant for B&Q’s Retail Management Graduate Scheme?

BnQWe know that applying for a graduate scheme probably brings with it feelings of excitement and promise as well some apprehension about how to stand out from the crowd and display all your potential. For graduates, B&Q stores provide some of the best opportunities in retail, where you can work towards running a store with a £40million turnover, lead the market in sustainability in our eco-flagship store and drive the business forward to stay ahead of the competition. Throw in a £25k starting salary and the opportunity to work and travel across the country and your career is off to a flying start. If this sounds like the perfect job for you, then how can you make sure you stand out from the crowd and show us that you can do it?  Continue reading