Some Tips for Landing that Elusive Interview

imagesWe all know what the process of job hunting involves. We know how to search for jobs, how to pick the most suitable ones from the list and how to send in a high-quality, well thought-out application. But then what? How do you give your application a better chance of making it through the quagmire of heavily subscribed openings? Continue reading

Better Interview preparation: 1. Preparing your answers

We bang on about better interview preparation a lot, so we decided to write a series covering exactly how to go about preparing thoroughly for an interview. This is the first in the series and we’re talking about preparing your answers for interview. Continue reading

Guest Post from the Graduate Recruitment Bureau: 3 Smart Tricks for a Successful Job Interview

Graduate-Recruitment-BureauYour application has been accepted and you’ve landed yourself the job interview, fantastic! But here comes the tricky part, it’s now time to nail the interview. This is your time to shine and show how much of a capable candidate you are, so take these 3 smart tricks on board for the interview process and show that employer what you’re made of!

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Our top tips for telephone interviews

phoneTelephone interviews can be a daunting prospect. It’s a lot harder to get your point across and gauge reactions when you’re not face to face. On top of that they can be sprung at you when you’re relaxing in front of Bargain Hunt!

They can range from an informal chat with a recruitment agent to a full blown interview with the employer. Whatever your specific situation we’ve put together some tips that will hopefully help.

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