Top Tips for Job Application Forms

Application formOur top tips for those tricky application forms!

Never leave a question blank. Leaving questions blank or writing NA is cited as one of the biggest mistakes a candidate can make in an application form. So unless it is explicitly stated e.g. answer question 1 OR 2 then always answer the question. This includes any questions that might seem optional. This can be tricky with competency based questions, if you really can’t think of an example that fits you need to employ some problem solving skills and adapt a situation to show its relevance! Continue reading

10 Common Job Seeking Mistakes

oopsOf all the complaints we hear from recruiters and employers, 95% of them fall into one of these 10 categories. So make sure you’re not making any of these extremely common job seeking errors.

1. Not Tailoring Applications

This is by far the most common complaint we receive. Every job application needs a tailored approach, that means writing a new cover letter and tweaking your CV to the job description. It’s obvious when a CV and cover letter are generic and employers and recruiters hate it!  Continue reading